When and Where are Up to You

ACB Research has exclusive access to testing locations on both coasts (and everywhere in between), which allows us to rapidly deploy product tests to fit your desired demographic needs. Our partnerships with diverse venues helps us to create a customized, demographically-precise approach for your project.
Large Outdoor Venues

A social destination for millions of visitors each year, the Venice Beach Boardwalk is the ideal LA-area venue for gathering a large number of responses from a diverse, trendy crowd, as well as recruiting one-on-one insights from a huge range of demographics.


From small local gatherings to huge, nationally recognized festivals, these venues offer high levels of recruitment and access to valuable, hard to gather data from important demographics. In the know, trendy consumers attend these big festivals, and many are eager to test and give feedback on innovative products.

Our mobile deployment teams allow us exclusive access to real consumers, with capabilities to gather quantitative data along with detailed qualitative insights. We make product testing fun, and our enthusiastic team gathers real-time data at the epicenter of relevant, popular events.

Example festival venues:

  • SXSW
  • Coachella
  • Bonnaroo

Flea Markets

One of our most versatile offerings, our partnerships with popular flea markets across the nation allow us to rapidly deploy in any number of locations and markets. Respondents are demographically diverse and eager to participate in product feedback.

Example Flea Market Venues:

Mock Retail Storefronts

Our nationwide partnerships with commercial realtors allow us access to a wide range of retail facilities to construct mock shopping, dining, or retail experiences to simulate the real experience of purchasing or using a product.

Our network of designers and restaurateurs helps us craft the perfect mock environment to walk consumers through, allowing us to hone in on relevant trends and patterns to open upfresh, innovative opportunities for product refinement and development.

Targeted Retail

Our relationships with retailers around the country allow us to interact with consumers who are out and about, actively shopping at stores that cater to specific product categories. Collected data and opinions are highly relevant, allowing access to groundbreaking insights, and opportunity for product growth and improvement based upon feedback gathered from the demographics that most value the product being researched.

Luxury Shoppers

Many luxury items only apply to a certain demographic. ACB Research has the capability to set up exclusive tests that cater to actual consumers in the luxury market, in order to gather their authentic feedback. Our targeted retail approach gives easy access to this valuable and exclusive opinion.

Health Food Stores

Whether your product is gluten-free, dairy-free, or fair-trade, our partnerships with health food stores across the country put your product in front of the types of consumers who will be making purchasing decisions.

Mall Intercepts

For a classic, mall-intercept approach, ACB Research’s connections with both upmarket and downmarket malls allows us to gather useful data from a diverse range of purchasing demographics. Malls are some of the best places to get a wide range of responses in a short amount of time.


Our partnerships with gyms across the country, both independently-owned and big-name, allow us to take advantage of high check-in and survey response rates to gather opinions from health and food-conscious consumers.

Nightclubs & Bars

Our access to popular nightclubs and bars allows us to test products with a hip, socially-focused demographic. Our exclusive connections with social hotspots of all shapes and sizes give us the ability to gather opinions from this highly-specific audience.


Our partnerships with local churches give you access to religiously-conscious families and communities. Our innovative approach to congregation tests allows us to gather data from a valuable, hard to reach demographic.

High Schools & Colleges

Our partnerships with local high schools, colleges, and youth activity organizations allows us to tap into a valuable, school-attending, teen and young adult demographic.