The ACB Research Approach to Central Location Testing

Consumer Testing on Demand

taste-test-blurTools and Methods

ACB Research uses an innovative, proprietary methodology, employing netbooks, wi-fi, and advanced survey software to gather real time market data from diverse venues. Gathering statistically reliable, demographically-targeted data to prepare metric-driven reports, ACB Research’s field testing adds immense insight to consumer opinion.


Our respondents are always real consumers randomly selected at various everyday locations. ACB Research has secured exclusive access to many demographically specific and highly trafficked venues.

CLT on Demand

Resulting from  years of consumer testing, ACB Research’s Central Location Testing (CLT) caters to the quality, speed, safety, and agility required for precise, mobile product testing. Our CLT combines the large-scale quantitative results of a web-based survey with the qualitative feedback of a focus group.

The Process

  • Participants are directed to sit at one of several tables, where they test a product and then complete survey questions.
  • Question format is extremely flexible, and can incorporate simple multiple choice, or can include more flair, such as video or animation.
  • Tests usually take less than 5 minutes, and participants are rewarded with a fun incentive such as a pair of sunglasses, a water bottle, or a tote bag.


The CLT On-Demand service caters to research on multiple products and competitors, advertising claims, or research that necessitates opinions from real, targeted consumers in specific geographical areas.



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Our “CLT on Demand” Advantages

  • Significant advantages over current research methods such as in-home testing or online surveys.
  • LIVE demographically-targeted, consumer testing at events, venue and/or markets across the nation. Data, results, and verbatims are available the moment they are gathered.
  • Consumers are intercepted and engaged via self-administered computer interviews delivering real-time results. Survey coding allows for advanced testing capabilities, including complex skip patterns
  • Completion of up to several hundred consumer tests per day, harnessing both quantitative and qualitative advantages.
  • Cutting edge technology provides accuracy, control, and enhanced engagement with the consumer.
  • Pricing is competitive and includes individual participant incentives.
  • Testing can be set up and completed within a week or two of a request
  • Topline report available within 24 hours of testing date(s)
  • Advanced analyses and statistics from industry experts available