Our network of staff around the nation has been hand-picked and vetted for their skills in administering product tests. Staff is friendly, professional, and efficient. Rigorous standards are in place to maintain double-blind standards for both respondents and staff. All project teams are trained and certified to handle food and beverages. For tests that require large numbers of respondents, quality and accuracy of data is incentivized over number of responses.


What sets us apart
Our speed, flexibility, and range of offerings allows our team to tailor our projects to fit unique, specialized needs. With our exclusive partnerships with diverse venues across North America, and our commitment to meeting our clients’ specifications, our CLT, focus group, and product design offerings conform to fit what works best for the client, not what works best for ACB Research.

Accurate numbers mean everything. Our process is crafted from the ground up to provide precise data from relevant consumers and panelists. Testing is controlled for quality, not quantity, and both respondents and staff are vetted to remove bias.

Our team has years of experience with consumer testing, making us experts in efficiency and quality. We keep the costs low, but maintain high standards for our results and analysis.

ACB Research organizes and implements studies at twice the speed of the competition. Topline reports are delivered in 24 hours, with in-depth analysis often ready within the week. Results are monitored live as testing occurs, with preliminary data available even as testing is occurring.

ACB Research prides itself on making product testing fun and friendly. Respondents are guided every step of the way by cheerful, professional staff. Testers are excited to give their opinion, and even disappointed when the process is over.

Facts & Figures
Our team of experts brings decades of experience in the food and beverage industry to each project, allowing us to transform consumer feedback into important patterns and insights, giving our clients the ammo they need to set their brand apart.


ACB Research has driven consumer insights at brands ranging from Sunkist, WeightWatchers, and PopChips to NuTek Salt, Neuro beverages, and Xyience energy drinks. Our accurate, agile, and affordable product-testing services have been deployed on every coast.



Sunkist Blends

NuTek Salt


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Launched in 2011, ACB Research is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and employs a team of expert staff and partners located around the country. Our organization has developed unique expertise in public and private consumer testing across North America. ACB Research produces the advanced statistical analysis our clients seek through mobile on-site testing, objective non-hired focus groups, and product packaging and design.

  • Testimonial

    Andrew Barroso


    About Andrew Barroso

    Andrew first entered the product testing sphere in 2010 when he found rapid success implementing fast, affordable, and creative consumer research in California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Canada, partnering with both small and large firms to develop brands including Sunkist, WeightWatchers, Pop Chips, NuTek Salt, and Xyience energy drinks.

    Andrew and his company ACB Research have been at the front of the field in offering innovative and mobile market research products since 2011. Boasting an experienced team and a unique, highly mobile methodology, Andrew and ACB Research offer a diverse and agile range of food and beverage research services.


Agile, Affordable & Accurate Mobile Product Testing at Real-Time Turnarounds

ACB Research is leading the charge for product testing in North America by providing  the most effective services in the industry for food and beverage products.

ACB Research has helped companies transform their businesses through cutting-edge product testing  in California, Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Canada, partnering with  small and large brands, including Sunkist, WeightWatchers, PopChips, NuTek Salt, and Xyience energy drinks.

The ACB Research team of mobile product-testing experts boasts a five-year track record of record-setting success. ACB has brought product testing into the technological age with agile, affordable, and accurate mobile product testing solutions for small and large businesses alike.


ACB Research uses a fully mobile, innovative methodology, enabling an almost immediate turnaround, offering results 50 percent quicker than competitors.



ACB Research offers big-firm results at small-business prices. With a streamlined-budget approach, ACB Research offers its innovative product testing services at accessible prices.



Tightly controlled testing, specialized demographic selection, and industry-leading objective analysis make our results more accurate and reliable than the competition.