Case Studies

Potato Chips

A company for a large brand of snack chips approached ACB Research to conduct testing for a chip flavor in their Canadian market.

Testing was conducted at a popular flea market in Toronto, Canada. The location was chosen based upon variety of demographic, in order to best gather opinions from a wide range of consumers.
Paired comparison testing with several hundred respondents occurred over several days, and revealed important data on consumer opinion of the product flavor in comparison to existing competition in the country.

Trail Mix and Fruit Snacks

A company developing snacks for a large, fruit-focused brand approached ACB Research with an urgent need for qualitative feedback on product and packaging for two product categories.

A total of four focus groups were conducted in Dallas, Texas, with clients observing through a one-way mirror.
A realistic retail store environment with several stocked gondola and pegboard shelves was set up. Consumers were exposed to this retail simulation, garnering further valuable feedback on product placement and packaging preferences from consumers.
With urgency needed from the client, tests were completed and topline feedback given within two weeks of initial contact with the client and within twelve days of project confirmation, fulfilling the clients request before their requested deadline.

Energy Drinks

A major energy drink brand approached ACB Research with a need to perform nationwide testing in order to make an advertising claim on consumer preference in accordance with FTC rules on broadcast advertising. ACB research coordinated with venues and staff in Texas, California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey to complete multiple paired comparison tests versus leading competitors: Red Bull and Monster. In order to maximize demographic for category users, testing was primarily conducted at large independent and chain gyms, including LA fitness.
Testing was completed for three varieties of energy drink: regular, reduced sugar, and sugar free.
Initial proof-of-preference testing was performed in Texas at local flea markets. Once a baseline for consumer opinion was established, tests were completed around the nation in order to satisfy federal guidelines for broadcast and print advertising, with over 2000 individual taste tests conducted.

Healthier Salt

A company developing a groundbreaking version of lower-sodium salt approached ACB research with a need for research on its product in comparison to existing salt.

Salt was used on a potato-chip snack in sequential monadic testing versus chips containing regular salt. A similar test was also conducted for the test salt in ham.
Consumer preference testing was performed over several days at the Venice beach boardwalk and a popular LA-area flea market.

Valuable insights were gathered from several hundred respondents about consumer reaction and preference of product versus existing salt.